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STEP 1: Do! Too often we get stuck in inaction — the quagmire of doubt and perfectionism and distractions and planning that stops us from moving forward.
And while I’m no proponent of a whirling buzz of activity, I also believe people get lost in the distractions of the world and lose sight of what’s important, and how to actually accomplish their Something Amazing. And so today I’d like to humbly present a few little rules of action — just some small reminders, things I’ve found useful but by no means invented, common-sense stuff that is often not common enough. 1. Don’t overthink. Too much thinking often results in getting stuck, in going in circles. Some thinking is good — it’s good to have a clear picture of where you’re going or why you’re doing this — but don’t get stuck thinking. Just do. 2. Just start. All the planning in the world will get you nowhere. You need to take that first step, no matter how small or how shaky. My rule for motivating myself to run is: Just lace up your shoes and get out the door. The rest takes care of itself. 3. Forget perfection. Perfectionism is the enemy of action. Kill it, immediately. You can’t let perfect stop you from doing. You can turn a bad draft into a good one, but you can’t turn no draft into a good draft. So get going. 4. Don’t mistake motion for action. A common mistake. A fury of activity doesn’t mean you’re doing anything. When you find yourself moving too quickly, doing too many things at once, this is a good reminder to stop. Slow down. Focus.

STEP 2: Order The Discounted Book "How To Eat, Move And Be Healthy"  Upon receiving the book, begin by following the four simple steps to customizing your very own I Want My Body and Life Back plan. Don’t worry about not having time. Ingo learned first hand from the author of the book so that people that don’t like to read, people that are short on time, and people that are not in the healthcare profession can easily take advantage of this unique,highly effective health and exercise system. We will be using the book during each coaching call so you can follow along with key charts and diagrams, as Ingo directs you.

STEP 3: Register For The Tele-seminar Here On This Page. Ingo will review the key coaching points for each call in the first 60 minutes and will answer your questions regarding these coaching points for the remaining 30 minutes. Each call is recorded and later posted online for your review. This allows you to hear the call on your own time schedule if you can't make the call live. Ingo is also encouraging you to e-mail your questions to him in advance of each call: He will answer email questions in priority order, beginning with the most commonly asked questions so that a maximum number of people get their questions answered each call.

STEP 4: While waiting for the beginning of the tele-seminar series, keep notes and compile questions that arise as you follow the simple and life changing
I Want My Body Back Program! This live tele-seminar will cover the following key coaching topics:

The Course Topics And Outline:

CALLS 1 and 2: You Don't Feed Lions Leaves And Your Don't Feed Giraffes Steak & The 6 Practical Tips For Increasing Energy Using Food...This section ALONE would cost you the price of this course and then some if you saw me privately!

These first two sessions are a great way to start our series. Understanding your own bodies needs and food fingerprint is what we are all after. Wether you want to lose some wight, reduce body fat, or put muscle on, the safest and most effective way is to eat for you metabolic type. On these two calls Ingo explains how to eat right for your metabolic type and how doing so never requires calorie restriction, optimizes your metabolic rate. Once you learn how to eat right, dieting will never be part of your I want my body and life back plan again!  What is metabolic typing? Ingo will explain that its a system that will identify your individual and genetically based  nutrition and nutritional requirements. There is no one size fits all approach. So in order for you to achieve optimal health You must determine what is right for you. So as a special bonus to you as part of this course Ingo in partnership with Bill Wallcott author and owner of The Metabolic Typing Diet and Metabolic Typing Online will give you a special pass code at the end of call 2 sent to your email so you can get your own personalized assessment and report and best of all it is included in the price of this tele-seminar! Below are just a few samples of what you will receive. Ingo will implement, help you to understand and  stay accountable through out the course.

  • Metabolic Type® Report & Graph Your actual assessment results

CALL 3:: Lets Talk About Food..Everybody's Doing It!

Ingo will begin with Introduction and overview of the  "State Of Our Food Supply Address"  Then he'll move should you decide what foods to eat? As supermarkets have grown to Costco size, this simple question has become very complicated fortunately ingo will help you cut through the confusion and lay out what you need to know. In this first call he will take you on a guided tour of the hallowed isles and show you exactly how to feed yourself and your family. Ingo with his ever present humor and keen expertise will  guide you through the sections of the store and no stone will be left unturned. The Good, Bad  Ugly. Produce, dairy, meat fish, breads, and juice then we will go into the center of it all  ( the middle isles) and uncover the real profits of those isles. You are what you eat and what ever they ate! Ingo will explain the  Difference Between  Organic, Certified Organic, and commercially grown food and the term "natural". Also understanding Food Additives, How Manufactures Get you "Addicted" to their Foods and Which Ones You Should Buy How To Buy the right foods at the grocery store, Reading Labels, Knowing  Ingo will close with food safety, yikes! Foods Just For Kids and the Marketing To Kids Industry, Prepared Foods: Pesticides and the environment and a few other surprises like how to take some action after you get off the call.

Call 4: The Body's 3 Systems...The Truth About How To Deflate SpareTire Of Yours
Ingo shares the foundational platform of his success as a  wellness CSI.  Ingo will teach and show you why you should have your metabolism, adrenal glands, liver, digestive and detoxification organs tested and cleansed  optimal health. In Today's call you will become your own wellness CSI with the information  and insight given. No more guess work ! "My experience shows that with an individualized diet plan, a scientifically based supplement program, stress reduction and exercise, a person's health can improve dramatically — not only physically, but emotionally. With an ongoing wellness plan many health problems can be avoided, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and female hormone imbalances. I base my health programs on lab tests which assess the function of three basic body systems: hormonal, digestive and detoxification."

My philosophy involves balancing the three body systems. Here they are..Your hormonal system produces your sex and stress hormones; your digestive system breaks down food for use by the body; and your detoxification system protects you from free radicals and chemical toxicity, both from your environment and from your diet. Every health issue can be traced back to a problem within one or more of your three body systems. This is the best of all the lectures so far.  Ingo understands that symptoms and lifestyle must be addressed. You want relief, but you also want to know why you have symptoms and resolve their cause. My approach is to assess underlying function and discover the root cause of your health and weight problems.This approach leads to long-term resolution of symptoms, not just temporary relief.

CALL 5: Food Storage, Genetically Modified Foods, Irradiation, Fiber, & Food Storage,  
Did you know you are a part of one of the biggest experiments in the world? The safety assessment of GM foods generally investigates: (a) direct health effects (toxicity), (b) tendencies to provoke allergic reaction (allergenicity); (c) specific components thought to have nutritional or toxic properties; (d) the stability of the inserted gene; (e) nutritional effects associated with genetic modification; and (f) any unintended effects which could result from the gene insertion. I guarantee after this session you will never be the same. I will also talk about which companies sell the best food storage systems and cookware and what you should look for when shopping for them...

CALL 6: Why Stress May Be Making Your Pants Too Tight & A Good Nights Sleep, How Does That Happen In 2010?

Ingo explains the miracle benefits of sleep. He will elaborate on the segment you saw at the top of this page. Today almost 100% of the world population is sleep deprived yet they run around buying pills and suffering ills that can quickly and easily be remedied with sleep! Learn how to effectively use active, passive and total rest in your life.

Don't despair you are not doomed! People vary in how much stress they can absorb before they snap. Ingo covers the basics of  how your body handles the different types of stress in the body. After hearing Ingos explanation of how stress affects your body, he offers simple, effective stress management techniques you can use immediately facilitate achieving your health and vitality dreams. These techniques will help create inner peace for busy people.Body And Soul Energizing Exercises Ingo explains his unique concept called working in. You will learn why, for many, it is actually dangerous to work out. the "work-in" exercises - or Zone Exercises - are not only so easy that anyone can do them - they are highly effective!

CALL 7: Soar To New Heights With Your Own Personal Life Strategies Workshop

Learning to become less scattered and more purposeful takes more than a night on the phone with me. Learning to live your life with intention requires that you be completely honest with yourself - realizing who you are at the center of your being, knowing where you're headed. Facing your weaknesses and isolating the obstacles that stand in the way of your personal effectiveness. Sailing past those obstacles, and onto brighter horizons. It takes a sincere and concerted effort to eliminate what's not working for you, in an effort to make room for what you want to happen.

Ask yourself: what's getting in my way? Which parts of my life have wedged themselves between me and what I really want to do? If I remove those things, might that help me to become more focused, goal-driven and productive?

This session will give you a check up from the neck up as you take a look at what triggers your stress responses, and how you can become more aware of putting your own oxygen mask on first. This session will create resilience, empowerment, strength and calm.... and eventually with the tools you will learn on this call you will learn how to avoid the triggers all together.  If time permits... we'll also look at how you can "Work In"  by teaching you some step by step self treatments and "working in" exercises. 

CALL 8: Why Skipping A Meal Today Means, You Will Most Likely Wear Your Meal Tomorrow

Ingo teaches you the importance of regular eating for optimizing your hormonal, immune and nervous system functions. This is a HUGE topic and there is just not enough space here. Ingo will share with you the history  and the beginning of dieting as we know it today in America. Why you may be hungry all the time... You will be surprised at the answers and the action points of this call.

CALL 9: What Your Poo Is Telling You...Is Your Digestive System Healthy?

Ingo  teaches you simple and effective methods for improving digestion and elimination that make the difference between health and disease!  Like how many foods existed for your body to digest in the 1920's? Okay, and today in 2009? Have you ever heard the saying "I had a gut feeling about him?" ingo explains that your digestive tract is like your second brain and you will be surprised that perhaps as much as 90% of all disease starts in the intestinal tract. This will be an exciting and very reveling lesson into, inflammation, digestion, constipation, antacids, leaky gut syndrome, food interferences and  we will close it up with a question and answer period and some action items

CALL 10: Nutritional HEALTH Insurance, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About
Vitamins, Powders, Pills and Potions. Bonus section: 10 Simple Ways to NEVER Get Sick Again!

Take a  tour down your local health food stores supplement isle, so many choices what do you buy and why should you buy it.We Will have three levels of teaching here. what are the absolute mist have top 7 supplements you need and the top 5 superfoods you MUST have.. along with when and how to take them. I will educate you one a morning routine and an evening routine How did this 70 billion dollar a year industry 60 Billioin In world wide sales) 21 of it was spent in the U.S. is not what it appears to be... Ingo will share with you the insights of why the supplements you are taking have amounts way below what is listed on the label and how they can be contaminated with toxic metals. This virtually unregulated market with its 900 +.companies and all the marketing that they do ingo will help you decide for yourself whether you need supplements and which ones to take. And Finally the 10 Simple Ways to NEVER Get Sick Again. 

CALL 11: Drink Your Way To Health...Water, Super Fats, Salts, and Kicking the Sugar Habit, 

Don't miss this call! Sugar is the biggest drug scandel in the world today.  Used for its taste it is highly addictivee, has no nutrtional value, is high in calories, is poisoonous to the system and prompts the body to enter a degenerative state. Also we'll cover you everthing ever wanted to know about water machines, bottled water, What to buy, what to avoid. What fats are essential to optimal life and hormonal balance. What Fats to steer clear of, What is a saturated fat. Eating fat will make you loose weight find out which super fats boost your metabolism and what are omeaga 3"s? 6's and 9's anyway and why you need more of one than all the others

CALL 12: Me Toxic? Understanding Cleansing, Parasites, Funguses and What To Do If You Have Them.

Ingo teaches you the basics of how to recognize and overcome fungal and parasite infections. Today, about 90% of the world population suffers from both fungal and parasite infections, both of which often cause potentially severe health and performance detriments. Listen as Ingo teaches you quick and easy first steps to preventing unwanted health challenges due to infection from unwanted guests! BONUS for all of you.... How to master your first cleanse. You'll go on a journey of cleansing and rejuvenation by eating only fruits and green smoothies, soups and teas, with full support and guidance in the process from me via email and video sent to your inbox 

BONUS CALL 13: Putting It all Together:  A System That Works For You & 6 Practical Tips For Increasing Energy Using Food

A step-by-step plan for incorporating Ingo's I Want My Body And Life Back Program.  Plus a review of the last 12 weeks, and Ingo will answer your emailed questions or you can be on the call live.

The Investigate Healthy Living  teleseminar is your chance to look and feel the way you've always wanted to. Don't wait to see your neighbor, friend or co-worker looking and feeling great when it should be your turn!  Ingo's methods are tried and tested, and he is ready to begin coaching you NOW. Join the ranks of the many that Ingo has coached towards the realization of their health, lifestyle  and  optimal performance dreams.

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You will be able to join Ingo  everyTuesday and Thursday at 6pm PDT (Californian time). Calls generally last one hour, although if Ingo gets carried away answering questions in the latter part of the call, they can extend to 70 or 80 minutes! If you are not able to make a call, you can log into the special password-protected area of this website, available only to registered teleseminar participants and listen online or download the recording to your iPod or other MP3 player.

The Investigate Healthy Living Series Is Based on Ingo's I Want My Body and Life Back Programs

For over 25 years, Ingo has learned and studied under people like Paul Chek HHP, Dr, Robert O.Young, Dr. Daniel Kalish D.C, Dr. Joan Boreshenko, Anthony Robbins, Andy Andrews, David Getoff ND CCN, Bill Wallcott, Dr. Phil, Dr. John Spencer Ellis PhD, Dr Swarzbein M.D. to help people from all walks of life look, feel and perform better. In just a few short minutes reviewing any of Ingo's programs and looking at the body and vitality he maintains as a 50-year old man, you will know for sure that your coach walks the walk and doesn't just talk the talk.  

In our 6-week "Live" tele-seminar series, Ingo coaches you on how to use the tried and tested methods his world renowned E book Basic Instinct The Complete Guide To Getting Your Body And Your Life Back. With these weekly one-and a half hour calls, you will learn how to apply the same tips and techniques he has used to get  so many of his patients and clients the results they have been looking for.

But that’s not all; Ingo's website is full of testimonials from real people that also used these easy-to-learn lifestyle principles to overcome diseases (including diabetes, fibromialgia, chronic fatigue, prostrate cancer, weightloss an so much more) and regain their vitality. This truly is a tele-seminar series for everyone!

  • Recommended additional reading: The Metabolic Typing Diet, The Fungal Link, The Body's Many Cries For Water, Guess Who Came To Dinner, The Omnivores Dilemma, and the DVD The Future Of Food and King Corn.

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  • Neuro Training and Life Strategies Coaching: the Missing Link In Most Fitness Programs.

  • Overcoming Candida, Hypoglycemia, and Other Sugar-Metabolic Disorders

  • Permanent Weight Control: How to Healthfully Lose, Gain, and Maintain Weight

  • How to Become a High-Energy Person Even If You Have Chronic Fatigue.

  • The Role of Fasting In Optimal Health. Are You a Candidate For a Fast

  • The Surprising Truth About Cleanses, Flushes, Colonics and Detoxification.

  • Stimulants, Supplements, Condiments and Drugs: How to Overcome Your Addictions To Anything.

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Your Investment was $1297... Now Only $197!
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Everything In The Course Outline, Handouts, Free Downloads, Your Advanced Metabolic Typing Test, Foods List, Sample Menus, FineTuning Diet Record Sheets, 52 Weeks Of Email Support! &
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Ingo's Rates Are As High As $160 Per Hour.... That's Pretty Close To Getting
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